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The Baby Fixed The Car
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Rob took his car into the Toyota dealership again today. The seatbelt had folded in on itself yet again. He and Gabriel went to the dealership while I stayed home and worked on my bar review materials for the day. After bringing his car in he showed the guy what was wrong with it. Both Rob and the car guy tried to unfold and tug on it and nothing happened. Then Gabriel grabbed on to the seatbelt and started playing with it. Rob told Gabriel to let go several times and Gabriel ignored him and kept fiddling with it. When Gabriel finally let go of the seatbelt it was unfolded and retracted back in. *blink* Both Rob and the guy at the car dealership were surprised. Gabriel managed to fix the seatbelt.

That's my boy. *grins*

Today I worked on more contracts, but this time it was all about the essays. I listened to the contracts essay lecture, read over the materials, and studied the note cards I had made for contracts. Tomorrow I'll be doing the practice essay and sending it in for critique.

Tonight Rob made a run out to bring sandwiches home for dinner from Panera. They have a kids meal that Gabriel really likes (grilled cheese with organic cheese and whole grain bread, organic yogurt, and organic apple juice) and we like their food as well. We watched Idol (I'm rooting for Blake, but I think that Jordon will win) and did some gaming.


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