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Essay and Errands
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Anicetos is currently a spider. When I took the original quiz, it said that after twelve days the daemon would take on its true form and keep it. I'm not sure if that's true. Oh well, I really don't mind it changing. But it seems to only be going between a spider, tiger, ermine, monkey, and hawk/falcon. I like all of them, but the ermine is the coolest. What can I say, I like weasel type critters.

Today I worked on my contracts essay. I wrote it out, read over (and studied) the model answer, and then typed it into an e-mail and sent it in for a critique. Tomorrow I start property. Shoot me.

When I was done with that, it was time to catch up on all of the errands I didn't have the time for during the week. We went to the post office to mail off some bills. We went to Babies R Us for diapers, baby vitamins, and some new toys (one is the thing where you put the shapes in the holes and the other is an Elmo remote control since he's obsessed with both Elmo and remote controls). We went to Ulta so I could get some shampoo, conditioner, and hair gunk. We made a Dunkin Donuts run. We stopped by Walgreens. There was a quick trip to the grocery store for some necessities (milk, tea, and sugar free Red Bull - hey, anyone who has ever done bar review will tell you that Red Bull becomes a necessity). We got dinner at a Noodles and Company to bring home with us. We grabbed drinks at Starbucks. And then we finally came home.

Tonight we watched the finale of Idol (long, boring, and the the person I was rooting for didn't win) and gamed. Rob bathed the baby and now we're praying for the little guy to fall asleep.


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