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I Want My Svengoolie!
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Going through Svengoolie withdrawal.

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First off, let me just state that Netter is a goddess. Thank you sweetie!!! This morning when I got up (before I hit the books) the package came. Oh my God, that quilt is amazing!!!!! Rob and I opened it up and showed it to the Poopchuck. He smiled a HUGE smile and started jumping up and down. He looked thrilled and then yelled out "mine!" (yes, we have a new word). Oh yeah, this kid's got taste and knows what to lay claim to. Thank you Netter, you're incredible.

Today I worked on outlining my notes (and the sections in the book) for property. I got through all of the first lecture and will do the second lecture tomorrow. Rob and Gabriel ran out to get food (Subway) while I worked. I finally finished up around 6:30pm.

For the past week I've been amusing Rob with my countdown to the next Svengoolie. It's a nice little two hour period in the week when I can relax, watch a bad B horror movie, have a laugh or two, and just have fun and not be stressed about the bar. I was really looking forward to tonight because the movie was "House of Dracula" which is actually one I have never seen before. So, we turn the TV on to find out that Svengoolie isn't on. It's an old crappy repeat of Smallville. What the hell? I checked all the Svengoolie sites I know of and none of them said it wasn't supposed to be on. The main Chicago station that does it had it up for air. But the Milwaukee station that picks it up decided to play a crappy Smallville rerun instead. I was not happy about this AT ALL. No Svengoolie and I wasn't able to see House of Dracula. I have no idea what was going on, but I really hope this doesn't mean that the Milwaukee station is no longer airing the show. I guess I'll find out next week. AARGH.

After an intense (and fruitless) internet search to see what happened with Svengoolie Rob and I gamed for a bit and played with the Poopchuck.


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