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Wild Baby At The Car Dealer
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I slept very poorly last night and spent most of the day in a very sleepy haze.

The good news for today was that I didn't have an assigned property essay to write out and turn in. The bad news is that means less practice in that area of law. I did go through other essays and read over the model answers to make sure I understood everything though.

This afternoon I had an appointment for Luthor at our local Lexus dealer. It was the five and a half year service and I had them check the brakes because they've been squeaking a lot. Gabriel was a total spaz at the dealership. He spent most of the time screaming and crying and running all over the place. Finally, he fell asleep in Rob's arms. The appointment didn't take all that long and the brakes checked out fine. I was told that in these climates they tend to squeak when the car is cold. Apparently because California has a different (and much less humid) climate it never happened when I was out there.

After my car appointment we made a run by the grocery store to pick up a few needed items and then headed back home. Tonight we gamed and watched So You Think You Can Dance.


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