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And The Laundry Piles Up
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Today sucked. When the highlight of my day is my bar review studies, that's when I know it's bad. And it was bad due to laundry issues.

As anyone with kids knows, having an operating washer and dryer is super important. I don't think a day goes by that I'm not doing some kind of laundry. Today a lot needed to get done, our clothes, the towels, the babys clothes, the babys sheets and towels, etc. The only thing that got done was one of my loads and that got severely fucked up.

After the washer went through my load I opened the door to the washing machine and dryer and immediatly smelled something burning. I opened the washer to see that the softner never went into the wash and my clothes were sopping wet and not wrung out at all. However, the gauge said the load had gone through its complete cycle (when obviously it hadn't). Rob and I wrang out my clothes as best as we could and tossed them in the dryer. We called our apartment manager and told her about the machine and said we needed it repaired as soon as possible. She said she would put in a call to the repair man. As of now, she still hasn't heard back from him.

Two hours after I put the clothes in the dryer, it was still running. I thought that rather odd and checked things out and noticed that the dryer gauge hadn't moved at all and the clothes were still sopping wet (even though the dryer was going). I also noticed that I had accidently put my white tank top in with my red t-shirt and now had a pink tank top. It's just one of those days when the laundry gods think it's funny to bend me over and fuck me up the ass. I put the clothes in again and FOUR hours later they were finally dry. We told our manager that our dryer will need to be looked at as well.

I don't know what we'll do if we can't get things fixed tomorrow. Gabriel is almost out of clothes. After tonight's bath we have no more clean towels or washcloths for him. And we're on our last sheet so if he pees through, his bed is sheetless. His laundry is the most important, but we also need our clothes clean and our towels are getting funky. If we end up having to head to a laundromat, that will end up eating into our sleep time because we just don't have any free time. My day is spent studying and Rob has work and studying to get done as well. So, if our machines aren't fixed tomorrow, then tomorrow night we have to find a place to wash everything instead of getting sleep. This sucks beyond comprehension and the washer and dryer are something we cannot live without.

I don't need this added stress. Not when I have to worry about bar review. I really just want to curl up and cry right now.

So, the bright spot of my day was my bar review. Sad, isn't it? When things get so bad that bar review is nice. *sigh* Today was lecture one on Constitutional Law. I really like that subject so it wasn't torture to have to listen and take notes. I finished up around 7pm today.

Tonight we cooked again and watched that Pirate reality show (it was total crap and we won't be watching it again) and So You Think You Can Dance. Rob then bathed the baby. Right now all I can think about it making sure our washer and dryer get fixed tomorrow.


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