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When It Rains, It Pours (into the apartment below us)
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Our washing machine and dryer are still broken. This morning, our doorbell rang and our landlord told us to shut off our air conditioning because that too was broken. It was in the 80's and muggy and humid out, not exactly weather to have no A/C in. Our downstairs neighbors had their closet flooded from our A/C. So, we have no washer or dryer and our apartment quickly became unbearably hot and humid. I guess the universe took my comment of "I don't need any more stress while I'm going through bar review" and decided to give me some surprise buttsex.

No one came to fix our washer and dryer today. Hopefully, someone will be here tomorrow. Luckily for us our landlord allowed us to use the washer and dryer in an empty unit. So, while I studied today Rob did up all of the baby's laundry. There wasn't the time to get any other laundry done, but at least the super important stuff (Gabriel's clothing, sheets, and towels) are clean. Eventually I would also like clean towels and panties, but perhaps that's too much to ask given the crap that's been happening recently. *sigh*

Today I listened to (and took notes on) lecture two of Constitutional Law. Thank god I'm on a subject that I enjoy because my level of stress is reaching critical mass right about now. I finished up around 7pm.

Tonight, around 9pm, someone finally came by to take a look at our air conditioning unit. Something was clogging up the drainage tubes and that was why the closet in the apartment below us was flooded. The little area that our unit was in also had a lot of water in it. The guy fixed things up and was able to get our air conditioning going again. Perfect timing because we were having a bad storm outside and couldn't keep our windows open. It was unbearably hot and humid and I was going to get a hotel room to sleep in for the night if things weren't fixed. He told us to leave the area open for things to dry out, but we can't do that tonight because the cat will crawl in there. So, tomorrow afternoon we'll shut our bedroom door and try to let it air out a bit. I really hope we don't get mold because of this because mold is a HUGE allergy of mine and it triggers my asthma something fierce. When the A/C guy left we did some gaming.

To top everything off, I have another ear infection. I'm trying to see if hydrogen peroxide will clean it up because I won't have time to see a doctor about it until after the bar.

I think I'm about to have a breakdown. If one more thing happens I'm going to curl up into a little ball and cry. I already bawled my eyes out once today.


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