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Doing Multiple Choice With A Migraine
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I had a headache throughout the entire day. I woke up with a mild one and it just kept getting worse all day long. I don't have any time to take a day off, so I went through my 100 multiple choice Constitutional Law questions while having a raging headache. It took longer than usual and I'm pretty sure I missed some questions I wouldn't normally miss due to the headache. God, reading all those questions just plain hurt. Even with the headache and difficulty concentrating I was able to score 84%. Nice.

We ordered in pizza for dinner and that only made me feel sicker. I then had the migraine from hell and was nauseous and making long trips to the bathroom. Ugh.

Hell's Kitchen was on tonight (yay!), but we were only able to watch the last bit of it. The rest of it was pre-empted by a news break. *sigh* Rob gave Gabriel a bath and now I'm pretty much just waiting for Gabriel to fall asleep so I can pass out and hopefully feel better tomorrow.


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