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My Monkey Baby
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Today was the start of Evidence... well almost.

I didn't sleep well last night and Gabriel got up super early this morning. My hubby graced me with breakfast in bed and shortly thereafter Gabriel fell asleep. It was still really early so we decided to doze a bit more. We both needed the extra sleep. We decided not to bother with alarms and just to let Gabriel wake us up. We figured the absolute latest he'd let us sleep would be around 11am. That's later than I wanted to start today, but what with another full blown ear infection (I gave in and started on the antibiotic ear drops again) and the stress of bar review I wanted my body to get the sleep it needed - at least for one night anyway.

I woke up (fully refreshed for the first time since I can remember) at 1pm! Holy crap! Rob was dead to the world and so I showered and Gabriel didn't wake up until around 1:30pm. While the sleep was nice and all, I really did not want to sleep that late! I got ready and headed upstairs to start in on my Evidence lecture dreading the fact that it would be a late night tonight. About ten minutes into the lecture the phone rang, it was a close friend of mine who I hadn't talked to on the phone since I've moved. She's having a really rough patch in her life and that was way more important than Evidence (friends trump bar review when it's important) and so I spent about an hour on the phone with her. It was great talking to her, but I wish it was under better circumstances. Hopefully things will look up for her soon (if I could wish things better I would) and I'd love to either get her out here sometime or head to LA to see all my friends. When the phone call was over with I worked on some laundry and realized that if I started in on Evidence I would be working until around 9pm. I wasn't all right with that.

Rob made an amazing suggestion. He said I should take the day off. I've been going non-stop (even on the day when it felt like something exploded inside of me) and he could tell I was getting super stressed and burnt out. I thought it over and realized I could double up on Sunday and get all of my outlining done in one day if I really pushed myself. And so, I took today off.

It was so nice. I was able to spend quality time with my son and hubby. I was also able to get 6 loads of laundry done. All of Rob's clothes, all of my clothes, all of Gabriel's clothes, and Gabriel's non clothing items as well. I spent a good amount of time in the play yard with Gabriel. We played, cuddled, and fed each other Cheerios. I've been working on bar review so much that I don't get to play with Gabriel as much as I'd like to. Today was much needed.

I'm pretty sure that Gabriel is part monkey. He likes to climb everything. The walls of his play yard, Rob, me, etc. He also likes to swing around on things. He'll usually grab on to either Rob or me and just let himself swing. He's a weird little monkey baby.

We've been having some scary severe weather here today. Really bad on and off thunderstorms and we've had a tornado watch all day. As of right now, that tornado watch extends until tomorrow morning. Ah well, it's still better than earthquakes.

Tonight we ordered in pizza, watched So You Think You Can Dance, and gamed a lot.


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