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Gaming While Sleep Deprived (aka Stinky Fish Domain)
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I was in a haze last night while writing my entry. I just wanted to write it and get it over with and hopefully get some sleep. I was beyond exhausted. In my haze I forgot to mention something really funny (well, really funny to people who know what Ravenloft is anyway). During game last night both Rob and I were sleep deprived. Weird things happen when you game when both the player and the DM are sleep deprived.

So yeah, we were playing our D&D / Ravenloft game last night and the two of us came up with a domain we both thought should have been included... the Stinky Fish Domain. The darklord would have the neat perk of being immortal and young forever, but would be cursed with a domain that was landlocked and yet always smelled like rotting fish. Hence, the Stinky Fish Domain. We were sleep deprived, playing Ravenloft, thinking about new domain ideas, and also talking about the game of "What's That Smell And Where's It Coming From". We went off on the Stinky Fish Domain and the traits it would have (all the while laughing our asses off) for about an hour. It was really surreal.

Luckily for my sanity, I actually got some sleep last night. Though the Stinky Fish Domain is still somewhat funny to me.

Today I outlined the first lecture (and the book materials) of Evidence. I had wanted to double up today and do it all to get back on schedule, but there was too much to do. I'll have to find another day to double up. I finished up around 7pm.

Tonight we ordered in Chinese food, watched Shrek on TV, and I bathed the Poopchuck.


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