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A Tort Is Not A Muffin
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Today begain Torts. That's one of those subjects that I don't like, but I don't really hate either. It's just kind of there and it's a necessary evil for the bar exam. I listened to lecture one and took notes. I finished up around 7pm.

Tonight we ordered in dinner from Jimmy John's. It's a sub sandwich place that we tried for the first time tonight. I was happily surprised by just how good it was and can definitely say that we'll be ordering from there again at some point. We watched Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader and the results show of So You Think You Can Dance. I gave Gabriel a bath and was a bit worried about him pooping on me since he has yet to poop today. When I asked him not to poop on me in the tub he gave me his wicked imp smile and giggled. At one point he said "uh-oh" but he didn't poop, he was just trying to psych me out. Luckily, the bath went through without baby poop.

Before bath time Gabriel went over to Rob, put his arms up, and said "up, up, up..." until Rob picked him up. Unfortunately I was in the bathroom at the time this happened and missed it. *snifflewah*

My ear is once again back to normal and I'm done with the antibiotic ear drops. The weird green thing on my finger opened up and while there's a nasty open thing on my finger now, it's no longer green.


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