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But I Wish It Was
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Oh how I wish a Tort was a muffin. I'd definitely be a lot happier.

So, today was lecture two on Torts. Civil actions are not nearly as cool as muffins. I listened to the lecture, took notes, and sweltered. It was in the 90's outside and our air conditioning couldn't keep up with it. We couldn't get the downstairs below 73 and the upstairs had to be at least 10-15 degrees warmer.

While I studied Rob headed out with Gabriel. He got some errands done (bank and a few grocery store necessities) and took Gabriel to the beach (yes, we have a beach on a local lake here) for a little bit. At one point he tried to give his stuffed monkey to a little blonde girl. He has a thing for blondes.

I worked until around 6:30pm. There was nothing interesting on TV so Gabriel watched some of his Elmo DVDs and Rob and I did a lot of gaming. Gabriel actually went to sleep around 9pm which is a blessing for us, but now we're a bit worried as to when he'll want to get up for the day.

If you're reading this, hi Vanessa!!! How did you find me?


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