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Rob's Dirty Underwear Belongs To Gabriel
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Today was a very busy day. And yet the mood says content. Hrm, I wonder what I just did. *evil grin*

Last night was a mess. Gabriel went to bed around 9pm, which we thought was good. However, he was awake and ready to go just as we were going to head to sleep. After playing pattycake for close to two hours straight I wanted to collapse. I'm serious about the pattycake. He kept coming up to me, grabbing my hands, and making me clap. If I even hesitated before singing the pattycake song and making the movements for pattycake he'd start crying. I think I fell asleep around 7am.

I didn't bother setting an alarm. I knew either Gabriel or Rob would get me up. After very little sleep, I did indeed get woken up by Rob (I slept through the baby waking up). I woke up fuzzy headed and with a headache so it took me a few minutes to drag my ass out of bed.

I spent some time on the phone once my ass was out of bed. Vanessa had called while I was unconscious and I gave her a call back. It was just going to be a quick call, but I was on the phone for about an hour or so. I haven't spoken to her in years and we had a lot of catching up to do. She also has a kid now as well! It's funny because she thought I was still in LA and I'm in Milwaukee and I thought she was still in Portland and she's back in Chicago. So, we'll be meeting up at some point in the near future. Quite possibly at the Ren Faire when it starts up. Yay!!!

After the phone conversation I took a shower and then got to work outlining the first Torts lecture (and the book materials as well) and putting everything onto notecards. It took me a very long time. I didn't finish up until 9pm.

Rob and Gabriel played outside a lot today (though I don't know why because it's hotter than hell out, and humid to boot) and they were nice enough to bring home dinner (Panera) for me. I ate while I worked on Torts. Svengoolie was on tonight and the movie was The People Under The Stairs. I watched as I worked.

Around 9pm (after Svengoolie and when I was done with my bar review work for the day) I helped Rob give Gabriel a bath. Before the bath Gabriel grabbed Rob's dirty underwear off of the laundry pile and ran out of the room as fast as he could screaming "mine, mine, mine, mine...". Neither Rob nor myself can figure out why Gabriel decided to stake a claim on Rob's dirty underpands. Gabriel fell asleep soon after his bath (around 10pm) and while it's nice to have some quiet as I do things on the computer, I really hope we don't have a repeat of last night.


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She was quite fond of cats, by the way. In fact, she was said to travel about in a magnificent chariot drawn by her two regal black cats named Bygul and Trjegul (Pronunciation? You're on your own...) that were rumoured to be possessed. After serving Freya for 7 years, the cats were rewarded by being turned into witches, disguised as black cats. Even many of her personal traits seem cat-like. For instance, she always wore a brilliant jewel studded collar symbolizing her authority over the fiery aspect of sexuality.

Besides being the Goddess of love, cats, the moon, magic, and of course sex, Freya was also skilled in a form of magic called "seithr" (meaning "sayer" or "seer") which consisted of putting oneself into a deep meditative trance so that the secrets of the future might be revealed. She also owned a feather coat which she could use to fly between the worlds.

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