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Little Nekked Baby
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This morning Gabriel and Rob were playing catch with a stuffed ball. Gabriel threw it too far and Rob went to grab it. In the time it took Rob to get the ball and turn around Gabriel had taken off his onesie (squirmed his way out of the neck hole) and pulled his diaper to around his ankles. He was standing there, with his diaper around his ankles waving his onesie all around. I think he was proud he could get naked so quickly. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we're doomed.

Today is Father's Day. So, a very happy Father's Day to all of you Dads out there! I got Rob some new sneakers he had been wanting and Pajama Gram PJ's that say "Super Dad" on them.

Due to many reasons (being near burn out level, exhausted, working until 9pm last night, Father's Day, and a ton of errands that needed to be done) I took today off. I can double up one of the other days and be right back where I need to. I just don't want to burn out and stop learning things, so every now and then I think I should be allowed a day off.

This afternoon when Gabriel took a nap, Rob and I did as well. I was able to catch up on my sleep and it felt so good. For once I actually woke up refreshed and didn't feel like I was walking around in a fog all day long.

We made a run out for errands once we were all awake and ready to head out. We stopped at the bank so that I could get some cash out of the ATM. We stopped at the drug store and I made a run in while Rob waited in the car with Gabriel and then Rob made his run in while I waited in the car with Gabriel. We then made a stop off at the grocery store and I ran in while Rob waited in the car with Gabriel. The one thing I couldn't find at the grocery or drug store (a new toothbrush for me) I was able to find when we stopped off at a second grocery store (once again I made the run in). We grabbed Olive Garden food to bring home with us for dinner. Rob picked it as his Father's Day dinner.

Gabriel is currently responding to us through a series of farts. Lovely. We most definitely have a boy.

Tonight there wasn't anything that interested us on TV and so Gabriel got a marathon of his shows. Rob and I did a good amount of gaming as well. Tomorrow, it's back to Torts. Joy.


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