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Just The Basics
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Not good.

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This entry is going to be just the basics of what went on today. Due to things I am not comfortable with the world at large knowing, a private post will follow.

Today I outlined everything for the Wills portion of Wills & Trusts. Tomorrow I outline the Trusts portion.

Tomorrow I'll be working my ass off because part of my day of studying is shot while Rob is at his job interview. Not a big, I can work through the night if I have to, though I doubt I'll have to.

I called my Mom at the hospital and got an update on my Nana. She's doing well during the day. She's awake and lucid and even helping my Mom figure out crossword puzzles. At night, things get bad. She starts hallucinating (snowing, bugs, holes in the blanket, etc.) and trying to pull out her catheter and anything that's on her. My Mom spent all last night at the hospital trying to keep my Grandma from pulling out the catheter, trying to get up, etc. By the time my Mom went home to nap she was exhausted. Tomorrow my Nana is being moved to the rehab part of the hospital where she'll begin physical therpy.

Tonight we watched Family Guy and Hell's Kitchen.


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