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It looks like Aubriana decided to make her appearance today. Happy birthday Aubriana!!!

Today I finished up my Federal Income Tax notecard outline. There was a lot to do and so Rob and Gabriel did the grocery shopping without me. Luckily, I managed to finish it all up. So, that's it. No more lectures, no more writing notecards (thank god, my wrist hurts so bad, though hand writing the bar won't help with that), no more reading through books, no more practice essays, etc. However, until the bar I will be studying and attempting to memorize the things I have on the notecards. While some of the more recent subjects are fresh in my mind, the ones I studied back in May I've all but forgotten. And that's why I made notecards.

Tonight we made hot dogs and brats for dinner and watched So You Think You Can Dance. I bathed Gabriel and I was able to get the sheets all washed up today.


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What is your animal spirit?

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