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No. No, no, no, no, no!!! I will NOT get sick before the bar. Dammit!!!!! Last week when I was in the drug store some lady kept hacking her head off. She didn't cover her mouth (apparently no one ever taught her manners) and just coughed and coughed... most of the time in my direction. I told Rob if I got sick before the bar I'd hunt her down and create a cross-breed jackal/pit bull to give her suprise buttsecks. Now it looks like I might have to do it. I've had a sore throat all today and it's only gotten worse. My glands are swollen as well. I'm taking Airborne and praying that I'm not getting sick. I do not need to be sick during the bar.

Anyway, today I got some pre-bar errands done. We went to the game store (not a pre-bar errand but whatever) and picked up some of the new minis (Night Below) and the new D&D book (Monster Manual 5). I went into an office supply store for pencils, an eraser, and a small pencil sharpener. We're not allowed pens, pens will be confiscated even though the essay has to be written in pen. *sigh* I also made a drug store run for some items I need both to take with me to the bar and in general. Got some more hair stuff at Ulta and some chai at Starbucks. We picked up dinner at Chin's to take home with us and then also got two pints of Kopp's "Palmero Lemon" flavor of the day to bring home with us as well.

I had a hard time eating dinner because of my throat hurting, but the ice cream made it feel a lot better. Tonight we gamed (super cool game) and watched So You Think You Can Dance. I agree with them getting rid of Anya. She should have gone a long time ago. I'm pissed that Hok got voted off. He was my favorite out of all of them and my favorite male dancer (yeah, and he's hot). I'm still pulling for Lacey out of the girls, but now that Hok's gone I guess my favorite guy is Neil. Meh. They suck.


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