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Mall Run
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Today we headed over to Carenza because Rob had an appointment for a hair cut. We all went and I was just going to take Gabriel on a walk in the stroller. However, by the time we got there it was pouring and Gabriel had fallen asleep. So, while Rob got his hair cut I waited in the car with Gabriel. He slept the entire time, but I was bored and waiting in the car for about an hour. *yawn*

After that we all headed to the mall. We grabbed lunch (pretzel dogs) and walked around the whole mall. I picked up some body wash and hand lotion at Bath and Body Works. I also bought Gabriel some pyjamas at Old Navy and got myself two lounge short and tank top outfits for around the house at Lane Bryant. Rob and I picked up some replacement Pluffies for Gabriel at Hallmark. His monkey is dead and it's one of his favorites, so we got him a new one so that we could toss the old one. We also got him a new giraffe, bunny, and pig because those are near death as well. We found a large stuffed monkey that we'll give to him down the road and couldn't resist a turtle which we gave to him today. What can I say, the little dude loves the Pluffies. For those of you not in the know, Pluffies are a type of stuffed animal made by Ty. I also picked up some car air freshener while in Hallmark. From there I went into the Boston Store and then we headed out.

On the way home we made a stop at our local game store in Waukesha. Rob picked up this month's D&D book (Expedition To The Ruins Of Greyhawk), this month's Dragon magazine, and a few minis. We then headed home for the night.

Tonight we watched So You Think You Can Dance. I'm hoping Lacey wins, but I'd also be happy to see Neil get it as well. Not so fond of the other two. After TV, Rob bathed the Poopchuck. I'm hoping Gabriel goes to bed soon. I'm exhausted and want to sleep!


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