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Watch, Nana, and Dinner
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Having tummy problems.

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Ugh. My tummy has been messed up all day. Nothing to do but wait it out.

Today we headed into Waukesha to make a quick stop at a watch/clock shop. They have a watch repair department and were able to replace the battery in my watch rather quickly and for seven bucks. Not bad. So, my watch is now working again which makes me very happy. Being without a watch drives me batty.

We then made a stop by the game store, but they didn't have this months new book or the white dragon mini in stock. We'll call them probably at the end of the week to check on if they have them in yet.

We then headed to The Virginia to visit my Nana. Gabriel was very fussy. We stayed for about an hour and talked a lot. We told her about the trip to my Dad's place and she told us what she had been up to. Apparently she made a friend during her physical therapy sessions. My Aunt Shirly is in town and has also been visiting her a lot. Her hands are black and bruised on the backs, but when I called my Mom later she said that's where they do the blood draws from so it's all normal. I'm so happy that she's out of the hospital. She seems to be coming along well in the rehab and said she's been able to walk in her walker during those sessions. She's very worried about my Mom and told me that she had heard my Mom was very sick, about to go into the hospital, and couldn't walk. *sigh* I don't know who the hell told her this, but I explained what was really going on. My Mom has her back and neck out. She'll be seeing the doctor about it on Thursday. They changed her meds because they weren't doing anything for her. She can walk, but needs the use of a cane.

After the visit Rob, Gabriel, and I made the mistake of going to Perkins for dinner. Gabriel spent the entire time freaking out and screaming. *sigh* We got the hell out of there as fast as we could.

When we got home I gave my Mom a call to check and see how she's doing and to give her a Nana update. The change in meds seemed to have worked. They're helping a lot with the back and neck pain and for the first time since they went out she wasn't in pain today. Unfortunately, they come with a price and when she takes them they make her loopy and stoned. At least she's getting some rest. Hopefully she'll be on the mend soon. I keep offering to go out there and help her and she keeps saying no. Oh, and since her neck is out they now also have her in a neck collar.

Tonight we watched the finale of Big Brother and I was very happy with the outcome. We also gamed and Rob gave the Poopchuck a bath.


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