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Nana Visit
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Last night I had a very hard time sleeping and felt like ass when it was time to get up. I've been tired all day and at some points it's been a struggle to stay awake.

We got some errands done this morning. Part of Rob's inheritance from Grandma Pernice came through the other day so our first trip this morning was to the bank. We went through one of the bankers and not one of the tellers to make the deposit. For now it's in our savings account. When everything has gone through probate and is said and done with we'll look at investing some of it and starting a college fund for Gabriel and an account for Gabriel himself.

After the bank trip we went to the post office to mail out bills and made a stop off at the grocery store for a few things we needed.

It was warm and pouring out all day today.

After our errands we headed to visit with my Nana. We stayed there for about an hour and a half and left because Gabriel would not stop pitching a fit. The visiting went fairly well. She's having a few problems, but the staff seems to be taking care of things. She had some breathing problems last night and so they put her on oxygen and took chest x-rays. She also is having neck problems because someone got her out of bed wrong, but she won't tell anyone who did it because she doesn't want to get someone fired.

After we left we made a stop off at Babies R Us for some diapers and then headed back home.

When we got back home I called my Mom to see how she's doing because she had another doctor appointment today. Things aren't great on that front. Her back is still hurting very badly and they did x-rays, but she wouldn't go into Dubuque for the MRI. When the nurse was checking her out she noticed that my Mom's heartbeat was too fast and so they did an EKG on her. The doctor said the results were not normal, but they could wait on that and it wasn't an emergency. Heart problems are never a good thing and I'll admit I'm very worried about this.

Tonight we watched House and gamed. Gabriel has been non-stop fussy today and is a little bundle of energy. This kid needs to learn how to chill and sleep.


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