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Today we got up early so we could get out of my Mom's house early. I didn't sleep all that well last night and it doesn't help matters that some "girlie" issues are also taking a lot out of me. Probably for the best if I don't go into TMI detail on here.

The drive back home was, for the most part, uneventful. We missed one of our exits, but that's because the whole area has been re-done. It used to be the second exit, but now that's only an on-ramp. Oops. Maybe we'll figure out how to get from the 20 to the country road (I think the 75) next time.

When we got back home I was exhausted. So, I took a tiny nap before we all headed out for trick or treating. I don't know why, but there's no trick or treating on Halloween in our town. It was today from 3-6pm. So lame. I remember when there was no set time, it was just Halloween night growing up. I much prefer that.

We first tried things around our neighborhood and found out that no one was handing out candy. Either they weren't home, or didn't know that tonight was trick or treat night. There weren't any other kids trick or treating around here either. So, we decided to head to a nearby subdivision where there were plenty of kids and lots of houses (there are only condos and apartments in our neighborhood).

We had much more luck there. Most of the houses there were giving out candy and there were lots of kids around. Gabriel seemed to dig the trick or treating, though he fell asleep halfway through. His costume was an octopus and we had lots of compliments on it. Everyone, except one person, knew it was an octopus (though once again a lot of people thought he was a girl even though he had the blue and not the pink octopus costume on). At one place the woman thought he was a dinosaur, her son (probably around seven or so) corrected her and told her that he was Cthulhu. *blink* Color me impressed that a kid that age knows who Cthulhu is. That's one cool kid.

We got some decent candy loot and when 6pm rolled around we made a dinner run and headed back home. I currently have the towels in the dryer and when they're done I'll be bathing Gabriel. When I'm done on here and with the bath I'm heading to sleep. I'm exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open and Rob offered to stay up with Gabriel and told me to get some sleep. He's a sweetie.


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