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My Naked Neighbor
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Late last night Rob was sitting in the living room and happened to glance out of our balcony window. When he started twitching, I knew something was up. Apparently, the guy across the way from us was struttung around his condo bare ass naked with the lights on. I looked out and yup, he was naked. Granted, there's a street and some yards and stuff in between out apartment complex and the condos across the street, but we could still see our naked neighbor. Disturbing, that.

Today, I feel like ass. Whatever bug I have (I think it's a cold, but I'm not sure) is kicking my ass big time. From the moment I woke up today, I felt horrible. My head is stuffed up and mucus is constantly running down my throat. It feels all sticky. My glands are swollen and I can't seem to concentrate on anything. I'm super tired and it's an effort just to stay awake. I'm dizzy and it's even worse when I close my eyes. Also, my whole body is wrecked and my legs feel like jelly when I try to stand or walk. This sucks. Oh, and I keep going from super hot and sweaty to freezing and shaking. I hate being sick. On the bright side, this part of the bug doesn't seem to have hit Gabriel so far.

During the day today, I stayed in. Luckily, Svengoolie was on so there was something to do. The move was an all time great - The Bride of Frankenstein. So, that rocked.

Tonight we made a quick run out. I wasn't in the mood for food and the thought of eating made me want to vomit. The only things I was in the mood for was juice or a smoothie. What I wouldn't have given for a Jamba Juice. There are none out here and no smoothie places out here either. Aargh. So, we made a grocery store run for some fruit juice and the bottle smoothies you can get in the produce section. That worked just fine for me. I don't know why I was craving juice and smoothies, but I rolled with it.

We headed right back home and I had my smoothie dinner. Tonight we watched The Amazing Race and Rob gave Gabriel a bath. I'm hoping to get to bed sometime soon, I'm absolutely exhausted.


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