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I'm feeling a lot better today. I still need to travel with tissues because of a runny nose, but compared to how I was feeling on Sunday I'm happy with where I am. I'll give it another day or two and then I'm going to stop by and say hi to my Nana before the New York trip. Gabriel seems just fine and all better.

We've been checking the weather forecast for a good zoo day for awhile now, and last night we determined that today would be perfect. Partly cloudy and around 60. Excellent zoo weather! Not too hot and not too cold (and not too much sun either). So, we set our alarms, got up and got ready, and headed of for a day at our local zoo.

Due to the fact that it was a Tuesday afternoon in November, there weren't many people there at all (mostly Moms taking their kids to the zoo for the day). Not a bad thing because we got really good parking. The day started off not too great. It was really windy out and I had nothing to tie my hair back with. Also, for some reason, in the farm area I kept getting swarmed by bugs. But things did get better.

A lot of animals were inside, so there was a lot we didn't get to see. A lot were also asleep. In the farm area Gabriel got to see some cows and pigs. The highlight of this area was the playground for kids his age. He had a blast and was pissed off when it was time to see the animals and stop playing.

Our next stop was at the cat house. Right outside of it were the hyenas. Woot! Okay, hyena is now up there as one of my favorite animals. LOVE THEM. Gabriel got bored a bit because I watched them for like five minutes. I could have stayed for longer. Inside the cat house we got to see a cheetah, a lion (which Gabriel kept growling at), a jaguar, and a very sleepy tiger.

As we were leaving the cat house, I smelled something very familiar. Something from my childhood that I didn't even remember until now. Rob got a bit weirded out by my sniffing the air, but by scent I found a Mold-a-rama machine!!!!! Good god, I squealed like a schoolgirl at this. Every time my Mom took me to the Brookfield Zoo in the Chicago area, I would get one of these things. I think I had them all (and like 20 penguins). The smell brought me back and so I HAD to get it. It's a lion. I then found out that they had Mold-a-rama machines all over the zoo! I'm going to have to come back with a bag (they're fragile and made out of wax I think) and a lot of single dollar bills. I need them all!!!!! *ahem* So yeah, that made me beyond happy. Unfortunately we only had the single dollar bills left for one more today.

We then checked out the wolves (all were sleeping) and the giraffes. I think the giraffes were Gabriel's favorite thing to see. He kept staring up at them in awe (they're a lot larger than his stuffies), smiling, and waving at them.

We then got lost. The map they give out sucks. We were all hungry and I was having a blood sugar crash. All of the food areas were closed for the season. If we would have known this, we all would have eaten something before coming. So, we dealt and went on, praying for food at some point. I get weird during blood sugar crashes.

We made our way (a very long way) to the small mammal house. That was my favorite place. I loved watching the bats and sugar gliders. Rob liked the insane bush baby that kept trying to grab the ear of some weird rabbit looking thing. Outside of the small mammal house I got a second Mold-a-rama... a bat. Squee!

From there we went to the reptile house, which is always fun. There was a Mold-a-rama gator I liked, but we were out of dollar bills. Ah well, all the more reason to go back there.

We started making our way towards the exit, and right by the exit we found the only food place that was still open. We all were starving by this point and grabbed lunch.

After foodage we checked out the gift shop and got Gabriel a small stuffed giraffe that he wanted. I also found a really cool stuffie for someone who needs something nice to cuddle. I looked for a stuffie for myself (I so wanted a stuffed bat, but they didn't have any big enough to cuddle aka around 12 inches or so), but didn't get anything. We then headed out and went back home.

Tonight we did a mini game and watched House. I bathed the Poopchuck. After all the walking around at the zoo, bed is going to feel great tonight.


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