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Nana and Snow
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Rob seemed better this morning, so we decided to head over and see my Nana. When we got there, she was sleeping. There's a meeting room next to her room and so Rob, Gabriel, and I waited in there while she slept. We didn't want to wake her up, but we weren't going to leave right away since it's been so long since we've seen her. So, we decided to wait around a bit in case she woke up.

After about a half an hour, one of the nurses came by to give her some medication and so she had to be woken up. Once she was up we made our presense known. She's looking pretty good and seems to be very with it mentally. She mentioned she hasn't pooped in five days and because of that she isn't eating. It would be nice if they gave her some prunes or something. Granted, if nothing is going in then that might be why nothing is coming out. But still, one of the nurses said they would give her some milk of magnesia before dinner, but we were there through her dinner and they didn't. One of the nurses kept getting her name wrong as well. I'm not too fond of that place.

Kim stopped by at one point. He was there for about half an hour and left before we did. He brought her a shake which I don't think she touched and she didn't want any of her dinner so one of the nurses brought her a cup of soup. She drank about half of that.

Gabriel was his usual spaztic self and kept running around all over the place. Towards the end of our visit he calmed down and my Nana and Gabriel were having some fun. He kept trying to count her fingers and taking her hands. He made us all play pattycake with him as well.

After we headed out, it started snowing. Looks like we got the first snow of the season today. None of it stuck, it wasn't cold enough to, but it was still nice to see it coming down. On the way home we grabbed some foodage to bring back home with us.

There was nothing worth watching on TV tonight so we decided to do some gaming. I gave the Poopchuck a bath. Oh, and the Poopchuck has now officially claimed the middle of our bed as "mine". He even went so far as to throw my stuffed animal off of the bed because it was in "his" spot.


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