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The Insanity Begins
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The insanity begins. We haven't even travelled yet, and things are already hectic. Flying to New York and back is going to be insane. I vowed to never fly over Thanksgiving and the only reason I'm breaking that vow of sanity is because of how much I like (and want to see) my in-laws.

I wasn't able to get my foot checked out today. Not enough time. It's not any worse than it was yesterday and I've learned that if I walk on the inside part of my foot, it hurts a lot less. I can deal with that for now. From looking around on WebMD and the like, it looks like a minor fracture. If it still hurts when I get back from New York I'll deal with it then.

Rob had his second interview with Kohl's today. He said that he thought it went pretty well. I stayed at home with the Poopchuck who managed to find every single way to completely exhaust me (including tipping garbage all over the floor and trying to play in it while I was trying to clean it up). By the time Rob got back from his interview, both the Poopchuck and I were passed out on the couch. We fell asleep cuddling and watching Elmo's Potty Time.

Once Rob was home from his interview we headed out on errands. We did only what we had to do before leaving, anything else could wait. We went to the bank so that we could get money for the trip (and so I could make a deposit). We went to the post office to mail out bills. And we went to the drug store so that I could get my birth control and allergy pill prescription refills.

Once we got home, we had a lot to do. We re-did Gabriel's diaper bag to make sure we had enough diapers in there for the flight and to take out all of his juice boxes because they won't be allowed past security at the airport. We did (and are still doing) laundry - all of the Poopchuck's clothes, sheets, and bedding and all of our clothes. I think all in all I'm doing about five loads. We watched Heroes and Rob bathed the Poopchuck. Once I'm done online and all of the laundry is done we're going to get some packing done tonight. The rest of it we can do tomorrow morning. We also have to gather together all of our garbage tonight and put it out. Pickup is when we're gone, so we need to put it out early. Tomorrow morning we're going to do everything for Sydney.

Luckily, my Mom is going to come out here on Thursday for Thanksgiving. Which means Sydney will have someone to give him fresh water and clean up his litter box. It also means my Mom can run my car so it won't be dead by the time I get back home.

You know what sucks? I'm going to be getting my period on this trip. Do you have any idea how horrible it is to try and change a tampon in a teeny tiny little airplane bathroom? Especially when my periods are horribly bad? Yeah, TMI, but I'm allowed to bitch.

In other news, we got a bad call from Donna today. Rob's dad is in the hospital again. He was shaking uncontrollably and brought in to the ER. He was transferred to a Manhattan hospital and we don't know why. We can't get ahold of him when we try to call his hospital room and Rob's Mom's cell phone is off. So, we're communicating through Donna at this point. Rob's Dad was going to pick us up from the airport, but since he was in the hospital (and we couldn't find out what plans were now) we thought it was best if he didn't have to drive and so we called a car company and reserved someone to pick us up at the airport tomorrow and to take us from our hotel to the airport on Friday. They think this was a reaction to his medications. Hopefully, we'll find out for sure what's going on with him tomorrow.

I don't think I'll have any computer access when I'm out in New York, so things might be quiet around here for awhile. Barring any flight delays or cancellations, we should be back here on Friday. Whether I come on or not depends on what time it is and how jet lagged I am. I might be back on Friday, but if not I should be back by Saturday. Happy Thanksgiving all!


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