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Headache And Ear Infection
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Hammered Ass

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I've had a headache since Thursday night. That night it was minor and I was able to deal with it easily. After not getting enough sleep, it was worse on Friday. It's still around today. It's right behind my eyes and I just can't get it to go away. I've eaten to make sure it's not a blood sugar crash. I've taken a nap to make sure it's not from lack of sleep. I've even tried migraine meds and some sinus headache pills. They do nothing either. It's slowly getting worse and worse and I just can't get rid of it.

Also, it looks as if my soon to be niece Molly isn't the only one in the family with an ear infection. I get them all the time (as I'm sure you know by now) and yesterday my ear (same one as always, the right one) was itchy. Today it hurts like hell. I still have some left over ear antibiotic drops, so I'll use those. When they're out, the next time I get one, I'll need to see a doctor again. Though because I get them regularly, I usually get a decent supply of refills when I get it checked out. My ear hurts even just sitting here, but whenever any area (even on the outside) is touched, it hurts like hell.

I'm still completely exhausted and can't wait until Gabriel is asleep so that I can pass out for the night.

Today I got up early and headed over to Carenza for my hair appointment. Rob gave me a ride over there because I didn't think it would be a good idea to drive with as bad as my headache was. This time I was with Kylie (and I think I have my next two appointments with her as well). I got my roots touched up and my hair trimmed. When I was done I called Rob to come and pick me up and waited in a nearby Starbucks with a nice hot Chai until he got there. We then all headed home.

We did some things around the house and then we all took a nap together. Gabriel is a major bed hog. Once we woke up we ran out to grab some foodage and then came back home for the night.

Tonight we gamed and I did up Gabriel's two laundry loads.


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