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Ear Troubles
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My ear is driving me nuts. It hurts like hell and sometimes even itches. If it's touched by anything on the outside of the ear, I can feel it inside and I want to scream. It makes sleeping on my right side (which is how I usually sleep) very difficult and quite painful. It's also swollen shut on the inside so the ear drops are having problems getting all the way in and I can't hear much of anything from it. I know it's only day 2 of my 10 day antibiotic drops, but it would be nice for it to begin to show some improvement sometime soon.

I still have the headache that I started getting on Thursday, but it at least seems to be getting better.

I was exhausted and the infection is taking its toll on me, so I slept in today. We stayed in and watched Svengoolie and then headed out to make a grocery store run.

Tonight we watched The Amazing Race, I did a slew of bills that will need to be mailed out tomorrow, I bathed the Poopchuck, and I washed up a load of laundry.

For those of you who have left a gift under my Xmas tree (located on the main page of the journal above the baby ticker), there seems to have been a glitch and everything is gone. So, if you don't see something there that you know you left, it might need to be re-done.


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