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Bad News
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This morning Rob's cell phone rang and it was a bad call. One of our friends (and this person and his fiancee are some of my best friends) had his father pass away. They found him this morning. I'm extremely close to this friend and knew his father very well. It comes as quite a shock. Words cannot express my sympathy for this friend, his fiancee, and their family. One of the major blows is that this happened only months before their wedding. I don't know if either he or she will be reading this, but if so, I want you both to know that I'm here for you if you need anything.

Last night was very rough for Gabriel. I don't know why, but he refused to sleep in his own bed. He would scream if we even put him in the crib. So, we let him sleep in our bed. He slept just fine and didn't freak out once when he was in there with us.

Today we headed over to Kohl's and I waited in the car with Gabriel (who was sleeping) while Rob went in and peed in a cup for his drug test. We then did some errands. We made a stop at the pet store so that I could pick up some cat food for my Mom's cat and so that I could also get a new brush for Sydney. We also went to Target. They didn't have the dust buster filters, so it looks like we'll have to check online for them to see if they exist. If not, we're out one dust buster. They also didn't have any non-breakable ornaments in stock. It's looking like we won't have ornaments on our tree this year. *snifflewah* We did pick up some cleaner with bleach in it because my allergies go through the roof every time I enter our bedroom. I think there's mold growing in the little space our air conditioner / heating unit sits in. Makes sense after it was leaking water everywhere last summer. So, we're going to try and spray some bleach in there to try and kill things. I also picked up a cat toy for Sydney as a Xmas gift. And we found an original Tickle Me Elmo that Gabriel loved, so I got that for him for Xmas as well. He already has the TMX one at my Mom's house. After errands we made a run into downtown Milwaukee to grab some Buca de Beppo to go for dinner and headed back home.

Tonight we watched America's Next Top Model. Now that Heather's gone, I really don't care who wins. I also did up a laundry load of Gabriel's crusty stuffies and Rob gave the Poopchuck a bath.


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