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It's snowing out again and while it's pretty, this is getting kind of nuts. We already have snowbanks out here that are taller than an adult. We don't need any more at the moment.

Today was yet another day of errands. We made a stop at the drug store and then headed to Target. This time, we were able to find what we were looking for (and then some). I found some nice non-breakable ornaments for our tree and also picked up some baby wash. We can't find our dust buster filters anywhere, so Rob ordered some online. Hopefully, they'll work out.

During our shopping trip inside of Target, Gabriel started having a tantrum. I noticed a rather large life sized pony on display in the toy section, so Rob took Gabriel to look at that while I picked up the ornaments. We thought it would be something to nab his attention for a few minutes, but it was so much more than that. This was a "Fur Real" pony, an animatronic pony that's supposed to be (and is) very life like. Gabriel absolutely loved it. He kept giggling at it and said "mine". He wasn't too happy when we took him away from the pony. Later on in the car when I asked him what he wanted from Santa he said "mine kitty". Anything furry like the pony is a kitty to him. So, our son wants an animatronic pony that's bigger than he is. I'll be calling stores tomorrow to see if there are any left in stock. This is one of the "hot" Xmas toys this year. Now I'm beginning to see what my Mom went through for some of the toys I wanted for Xmas when I was a kid.

On the way home we grabbed some dinner from Chipotle and headed back home. Tonight we gamed (great game and so far I'm loving this character) and I did up three loads of laundry.


For the twelve days of Christmas, your true love will send you:
Twelve glam rockers drumming
Eleven candycanes a-sticking
Ten midgets a-leaping
Nine ladies knitting
Eight goats a-milking
Seven gingerbread men a-crumbling
Six puppies a-barking
Five golden bowls of chicken noodle soup
Four calling secret admirers
Three French burlesque dancers
Two Jesus action figures
And a crazy homeless person in an apple tree

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