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Spoiled Baby
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Gabriel is a little monkey. Yesterday morning Rob and I woke up to the pitter patter of little feet and Gabriel standing next to our bed saying hi. He has now learned to climb out of his crib. We asked him to show us how he's doing it and he can do it in about four seconds flat. He throws his stuffie down onto the ground. Hoists himself onto the rail, turns around, lowers himself, and drops to his butt right on his stuffed animal. *sigh* This morning we also woke up to him running into our room to wake us up. On the bright side, at least he's been coming in to wake us on. That's a really good thing because we can't shut his door at night and there's a lot he could get into if he wanted to. We're considering switching his crib to a toddler bed now that he can get out quickly whenever he wants to.

Oh, and during one of his diaper changes today, Gabriel looked down and said hi to his weiner. He's been poking, prodding, and pulling at it for awhile now. So, he knows it's there. But this is the first time he's actually said hello to it.

Another storm will be coming in this weekend, so we headed out to Menard's to get some shovels. While our apartment complex is usually plowed, there are some mornings the plow doesn't come by until late. If we need to head out earlier than the plow can get here (like next month when Rob starts his new job) then we can at least shovel our way out.

Earlier today we called all over the place to find one of those Fur Real Ponies in stock. The brown and white one (Smores) we couldn't find at a single place and one place told us it was an internet exclusive. We found the light brown one (Butterscotch) at a nearby Target. We thought it over and thought it would be a good idea to get the one that was still left in stock rather than order it online and risk perhaps not getting it before Xmas. So, our spoiled little baby boy now has his very own animatronic pony. Yeah, he's spoiled.

The box the pony comes in was a bitch to fit in the car, even in the back of my SUV. We're lucky we took my car because there's no way it would fit into Rob's car. Oh, and we have been warned not to let Gabriel see us put it together. It comes in the box with the head off!

Tonight we put up our Xmas tree. My Mom gave us one of hers and we got some ornaments and lights on our various trips to Wal*Mart and Target this week. We had to put baby gates all around it so Gabriel can't get to it. To him there's a tree growing toys in the living room with shiny things on it and he won't take no for an answer. So, we at least have a barrier between him and the tree. Yes, he can climb it, but at least there's a warning for us to get to him before he gets to the tree. I also did up two loads of laundry and bathed the Poopchuck.

I'm up in the loft and drinking a diet pepsi, and I just noticed the expiration date on it is February 18, 2006. This was bought only a few weeks ago at our local grocery store. How in the world can they have something almost two years expired on their shelves? I'm not too concerned though because there was a time when sodas didn't have expiration dates and it tastes just fine and isn't even flat. Though it is kind of cool that the date on the bottle is the same day and year that Gabriel was born.


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