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Tooth Extraction For Sydney
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Gabriel's stomach bug is thankfully on the med. Mine (if that's what it is) has been getting worse. I now have the poopies and seriously bad bouts of nausea. I'm not throwing up because I'm not really eating all that much and what I am eating is gentle on the stomach.

Early this morning (left the house around 7:45am to get there by 8am) we all took Sydney over to the vet. Today was the day he was getting his teeth cleaned and the bad one extracted. I dropped him off and they told me they would call me to let me know how things went and that they would also call to let me know when he could be picked up. Sydney did not seem happy about my leaving him there, but it really was for the best. That bad tooth has been bothering him a lot.

Later in the morning we got the call that Sydney had gotten through the extraction and anesthesia all right, but when I went there the vet wanted to show me some x-rays of another potential problem. During the afternoon we got the call that he was awake and ready to be picked up. I got to the vet's office to pick him up around 3pm.

I spoke with the vet and she said that the tooth that was extracted was even worse than they thought it was. It was definitely a good thing to get it out. It obviously was hurting him a lot as well because when he was knocked out by the anesthesia and intubated he started trying to growl when they touched the bad tooth. My poor little fur baby. She said that one of his canines had a small bad spot in it, but she didn't want to remove it unless absolutely necessary. It's one of his chewing teeth and with a canine removed their tongue tends to loll out of their mouth. She wants to have it re-checked (along with his weight and if that hasn't gone back up his thyroid) in about six months.

I really like this vet and I'll definitely be sticking with her and this clinic. In fact, I think I like this vet even better than the one I was seeing back in California!

After picking Sydney up, we dropped him off at home and headed back out. We made a stop off at the grocery store for a few items (something to cook for dinner that I thought my stomach could handle and a lot of Gatorade to replenish what I've been losing among other items), grabbed some dinner for Gabriel, got some Chai at Starbucks, and then headed back home for the night.

Tonight we worked on getting an NPC made up for the D&D game, I washed up three loads of laundry, and Rob gave the Poopchuck a bath.


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