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The time has come to retire JournalScape

Short version: JournalScape is retiring, please use the link in the announcement to export your journal in WordPress format.

Long version: Friends, I started JournalScape 15 years ago which means the technology that powers JournalScape is, understandably, about 15 years old at this point. It is becoming harder to maintain when upgrading from one server to another, because the tech needed to run JournalScape isn't widely supported anymore.

To that end, the time has come to retire JournalScape. In order to assist you with getting your journal moved to another website, you can export your journal in WordPress format! WordPress is the most common blogging software in the world at this point, so this should make it very easy to get your journal set up somewhere else. I will keep JournalScape running until at least Nov 1, 2016, so please export your journal and move to a new site before then. I will keep a backup of the data after November, so if you aren't able to move your journal before then, you can email me to get a copy of your journal.

Please export as soon as possible just in case there are problems with the export! If you encounter a problem importing your journal into WordPress, please email me so I can fix the JournalScape export and you can re-export.

I am grateful for everything the JournalScape community has contributed to my life. Thank you for being a part of it! Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @kennywyland!

How to Import into WordPress:

1. Login to your JournalScape account.

2. Click the Export link in the message at the top of the screen that will download a WordPress export file with your nickname. For example, FromJournalScapeHQ.xml

3. Login to your WordPress website (If you don't have WordPress, you can get it from

4. Go to the Admin screen (click in the top admin bar).

5. Click Tools, then Import.

6. Choose the WordPress importer.

7. Upload the JournalScape XML file.

8. Enjoy!

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