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I'm a communications professional, writer, cynic, mother, wife and royal pain. The order depends on the day. I returned to my hometown in November 2004 after a couple of decades of heat and hurricanes. I can polish pristine copy, but not here. This is my morning exercise -- 20-minute takes without a net or spellcheck. It's easier than sit ups for me. No guarantee what it will be for you. Clicking on the subscribe link will send you an email notice when each new entry is posted.
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Lyle Lovett and Me

Over the past 20 years, Lyle Lovett and I have been through a lot together.
He got gored and nearly crushed by a bull. I had the same experience with an employer.
He got dumped by a Pretty Woman, I got dumped by a Pretty Boy.
He's written some amazing stuff and made lots of money and I... did I mention we both have a weakness for Quarter Horses?
Lyle has provided my personal soundtrack since I moved to San Antonio in 1985. I went to dozens of Texas shows and wore out his early CDs.
In my re-dating days, there was the Lyle Litmus. If the guy didn't get the twist of the lyric or needed to pigeonhole Lyle's jazzy, bluesy, gospel, swing, alternate, folk, country style, we weren't going to make it to the chorus.
Charlie passed the pre-marital Lyle concert with flying colors back in Texas. In August 2002, on the best birthday of my (and possibly anyone else's) life, Charlie and I took a boat from our hotel across Boston Harbor to hear Lyle and Bonnie Raitt in an amphitheater on the water. Summer breeze, salt air, second row center, sipping champagne with strawberries, knowing all the words and fully appreciating how rare and wonderful it is for this many things to go right simultaneously.
Lyle is live on A&E as I write this from my daughter's dorm room. She's turned away from the light, noise of the computer and Lyle's music trying to catch some sleep before we hit the road tomorrow.
She doesn't say anything. Mom and Lyle go way back.

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