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So I've had to adjust my work habits slightly now that the Infanta has arrived on her bed of linens and sequins and silk, but never fear, I am still working, albeit more slowly and sleepily.

Officially, I am taking a month off from writing while we care for the little bundle of joy. I am then heading out to London for the UK book launch, at which point the vacation ends and I'm back on quota until The Desert Spear is done.

Unofficially, I am working whenever the opportunity presents itself. Mostly just jotting down ideas, but that's every bit as important as prose in the long run.

Thankfully, I am quite used to working on my phone, so I can write even while the little bundle of joy sleeps in my arms. Even more exciting, the new model is in stores! My HP Ipaq smartphone is like 2-3 generations old. It's the 6515, and not even the good version of that model, since it only runs crapass Windows Mobile 3.1. Lately, it crashes a lot, too, and some of the features (like texting) don't always work on the first (or fifth) reboot. The new version, the Ipaq 910, supposedly has a far more stable operating system, and a much more robust processor, along with all the features I have come to love and owe my current career to. If the keyboard is good, I'm sold. It's wicked expensive, but hey, it's a business expense! Now if I can just find enough time to escape to the store...

BTW, if you are in London on Sept. 4, please be the only person to come to my first signing! I would like to sign at least one book while I sit there for an hour and people who've never heard of me walk by shaking their heads in pity.

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