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jet lag coma, story rec's
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Oof. Jet lag hit today, with force. After work, I came home, ate lunch (cooked asparagus, fried eggs, cheese and salad - odd, but yum), finished off the Andromeda Spaceways story edits & passed them on to Patrick (the loveliest aspect of a co-written story - split the work! or at least, make sure it's all polished twice), made some strawberry-banana-apple juice smoothies, and then pretty much passed out on the couch.

And stayed there.

How come jet lag gets harder, not easier, as I get older? :( That's so not fair.

When Patrick & Nika went out on a walk, I wimped out and stayed home. I didn't quite nap...but I didn't do anything else either.

I probably should have given in and just let myself sleep. Instead, I forced myself to stay awake, feeling Puritan-ly grim about not lazing around sleeping during the daytime. Later, I realized how silly that had been.

I did find out something cool in my post-coma surf, though. Naomi Novik has a very sweet new Temeraire short story up on her website, set in-between the first two books (but probably most fun to read after the second book, since it fills in the backstory that's referred to in book 2).

I just finished reading Scott Westerfeld's Peeps, which was by far the most fun vampire novel I've read in years, YA or otherwise.

And I absolutely loved Tim Pratt's "Impossible Dreams", in Asimov's, which I read yesterday on the way in to work. I'd started out feeling groggy and depressive (jet lag, tired, blah), but by the time I finished reading the story, I was feeling just enormously happy. It's about lost films, funky independent video shops, and a sweet, funny romance. Go read it!

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