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Typing 101
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I am teaching myself how to type. Great, now I'll spend even more of my life here, as it takes me much longer to do this the right way. The goal is to be able to write what comes to mind instead of pecking, eyes and fingers alike, at the keys. I imagine typing is like driving: arriving at the destination though not "present" for the drive. Like Truman Capote, I write best lying down. For me it's more about the eyes being closed than the position of my body. Plus he probably had a much more comfortable couch than I do. It's amazing to me just how much my subconscious picked up on the location of each letter. B is really in no man's land, isn't it? Y and U are posing the biggest challenge ... more than O and P, surprisingly. R and E are tough too. The letters seem perfectly arranged, however. Maybe I'm just saying that because I have no choice but to like the placement. Whatever the case, every little thing I write is more valuable to me now.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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