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Unusual Assumptions

Unusual Assumptions - Even though I typically wear a "star of David" necklace every day, sometimes it's amazing to me what people do or do not notice. Yesterday, a bunch of us were walking through the hallways after leaving a large meeting. We paused near my cubicle, where a co-worker commented on a flyer I have outside my cubicle (which has information about my band). She said, "Someday you and I should sing together." So naturally I asked her about what she sings and what she might like to sing with me. Her answer? "We should walk around at work and sing Christmas carols." I was a little surprised, and said "Hmm, that's one possible choice. I do happen to know many of the harmonies" which is an accurate statement. I did have a moment of confusion where I checked to see if I was wearing a necklace when she said it, and I was. Hmm.

We have a large number of foreign nationals who work at my space-technology office. I'm fairly certain there are far more non-Christians here than most American offices, and this well-meaning lady really just doesn't think of this kind of thing. At the same time, I have never worked here through December, so I'm not sure what the culture in this office is like over the holidays.

Growing up in a Protestant family in a Catholic neighborhood, active in our church, active in a college fellowship, I never really gave much thought about what Christmas looks like from anyone "on the outside." Over the past several years, I've noticed it much more strongly.

When it comes to family, and I spoke about this a bit with my Mom, it's a no-brainer for me. My family celebrates Christmas. I celebrate my family. I'm looking forward to always being there for family Christmas gatherings, and even giving gifts to family and especially the kids, because I like to give gifts to family and friends. I never need an excuse for giving a gift.

When I visit my Shire, we typically sing songs together at our "Yule Celebration." One of the ladies who sings with us, she's also Jewish. (In fact, she gave me the necklace I'm wearing today.) Last year, she and I both contributed to the harmony. It's a matter of being with friends, and enjoying music together. And we have a number of people in the Shire who are pagans, but they sing too because they like singing with everyone. We have one "Winter Soltice" themed song (Prayer of the Three Mothers) that's a favorite.

Just a few thoughts after yesterday's unusual encounter.
* * * * *

On another note, a friend mine grew up in a Jewish family. He's dating someone who happens to not be Jewish, and excitedly told me last night "I just got my first Christmas stocking! [My girlfriend] got it for me!" It was really cute to see him bouncing about it.

* * * * *
Today's Blessing That I'm Thankful For: The right to vote

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