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Strange Friday. Strange news in our state papers today, of which I will say no more because I don't do that here. But it was very strange, news about news.

Little things -- we went to see LOVE ACTUALLY which I was looking forward to in a sweet, melodramatic sort of way. But ELF's a better Christmas movie. I wouldn't lie to you. It was okay, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going to think about it too much. There was one bit where Hugh Grant was worried about people recognizing him as the Prime Minister of Britain and I just thought, boy, those tabloids are really going to be full of people saying Hugh Grant was with that girl. Which would have been slightly funnier. But, some nice bits. The most disturbing thing is that it's really a pastiche of movies Richard Curtis wrote (this being his first directorial effort; he is one of the few writers in the world, however, who's ever had final cut on a movie): here the clumsy, water frolicking scene, here the mad dash through the car and hallways, here the friend who has a storyline that has something to do with some sort of medical/emotional problem, here the grotesque man who might become a grotesque prince, etc. etc. Loved Billy Bob Thornton's cameo as the American president.

Maybe it was just cause I had a long day I didn't succumb to its charms more. Or maybe not. Who can say?

The really exciting thing is that George is famous -- he's the mascot doggie for the new fabulous website by the one and only Max Adams:

Dogs Hate

Tell your friends. And it all came from the post about "Golden Retrievers Against Bush."

Isn't George cute?

There was more, but that's a good note to end on. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

earworm: "Helicopter," M. Ward

random rec: MIDNIGHT (movie)

namecheck: Richard "tech support" Butner

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