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My foot is still attached, if anyone's wondering, though we are desperately in need of band-aids now.

Christopher woke me up with a giant breakfast in bed this morning: grits (which I'd never actually had before), sourdough toast, a ham and cheese omelet (with the trick from one of the early Sean Stewart novels of putting oregano and mustard in the egg mixture), and clementine wedges. Yummy.

The rest of the day went to various activities. I finished LOW RED MOON, which I'm not done thinking about yet so I'll hold off on commenting about it. It's good though and if you like Caitlin's other work, you'll definitely like this.

Started reading THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB again, since Christopher's done with it. Finished "THE FURIES" hardback we borrowed from Chris (and we really will return all your graphic novels someday soon, promise, if you're reading this, Chris).

Christopher worked on organizing his notes and starting the UnCommonwealth short shorts project today. The first short short "Not That Lincoln" is up now and it's definitely off to a fabulous and creepy start.

I had a good writing day too, despite my early sloth and part of the afternoon going to the "Queer Eye" where they make over the taxidermist (who could resist that).

I had an exciting conversation with Justine last night and we're getting to work on our nonfiction YA project -- I made some notes this afternoon to send her tomorrow. It's going to be very fun, and unless you were there when we were talking about, that's all you get to know for now.

Then I finished (FINALLY!) the polish on THE FINE FELLOW so I actually can get it out to some of the managers and prodcos who are waiting for it. I managed to shave off a few pages, to leave it at a lean and mean 106 pages and I fixed lots of little things that had been bothering me about it. The opening is tighter and I incorporated an excellent suggestion from Mr. McLaren into this version. So, fingers crossed.

And then I wrote a little bit on this short thing I've been working on.

All in all a pretty productive day. And now we go out to consume like good little consumers. I need socks and slippers, if the floor's going to be coming for me in the dark.

(p.s. the anti-Bush protest piece from London was by Graham Joyce in Salon yesterday; I don't have a link, but it's worth looking up.)

earworm: "Quattro (World Drifts In)," Calexico, Feast of Wire

random rec: grits, even the instant kind

namecheck: Chris "high drama" Barzak

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