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You'll have to decide whether it's better than the wine or not. Though, not knowing, I guess, puts you at an advantage. I guess, I said.

Disclaimer, by disgruntled request from California: ELF is good for a holiday movie, however you should not expect a life-changing film nor much from the last 20 minutes. But still, narwhal!

Happy Thanksgiving. A poem.


by Mary Leader

How the tenor warbles in April!
He thrushes, he nightingales, 0 he's a lark.
He cuts the cinquefoil air into snippets
With his love's scissors in the shape of a stork.

Hear the alto's glissando, October.
She drapes blue air on her love's shoulders,
On his velvet jerkin the color of crows.
Her cape of felt & old pearls enfolds her.

How the baritone roots out in May!
His depths reach even the silence inside
The worms moving level, the worms moving up,
The pike plunging under the noisy tide.

Hear the soprano's vibrato, November,
Water surface trembles, cold in the troughs.
She transforms blowing hedges into fences,
She transforms scarlet leaves into moths.

Keep well your thanks and no hangovers, no whammies.

earworm: anything Rosebuds

random rec: Gama-Go

namecheck: Barb "gorgeous green" Gilly

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