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chronology Thursday (pictures!)
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Since I'm going to put up several pictures, I'm also going to spread them out over a couple of different posts to avoid Takes Forever To Load issues. At least in theory.

So, these are from Thursday, No Turkey Day. And I hope my first foray into image display works out.

Since the dinner plan was several complicated Thai dishes that needed to be done around the same time, Christopher, Barb and Richard came up with a complicated yet functional system of color-coded index card tasks to organize the meal preparation. (I was asleep during this.) It worked beautifully, as you'll see.

First we have Barb smashing garlic cloves, of which there were in excess of 20 needed. Mr. Rowe, foreground, peels the Indian squash.

Richard is forced to smell Christopher's pepper. But he liked it.

Then, or perhaps before, Richard fulfills his index card quota.

Barb demonstrates how to channel the spirit of rock and roll while operating the garlic press.

George, much like myself only without a digital camera or wine glass, does his part to help out.

Some of the ingredients and their index cards...

And, last but more tasty, the finished products.

See you on Friday's rock, which will have less photos, but more action. Promise.

earworm: "Family Tradition," Cracker (Countrysides)

random rec: Take the Cannoli by Sarah Vowell

namecheck: Sasquatch, the original Bigfoot

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