Shaken and Stirred
bond, gwenda bond

huh? (Carnivale spoilers)
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What the hell was that? Things finally start actually happening in the last two episodes and --


they killed all the characters I like! I think!

Well, except for the one they brought back to life. Well, and I only really liked Sophie and what's his face, the mother I could take or leave and the blind guy was at least Interesting. Sheez.

Anyway. I really hope they didn't just do that.

And if anyone else watches this show and knows what the mother said before she set their trailer on fire, I missed it, because Christopher wandered in so I'd love to know...

Did I mention we have wireless now? (Thanks Tech Support Raleigh!) This is so dangerous.

earworm: nada, time to go to bed...

random rec: this month's omni

namecheck: Clea "they just axed me off the first regular gig of my career" Duvall

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