Shaken and Stirred
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"You gotta shake it like a Polaroid picture."
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That post title is me quoting Wesley Clark, quoting OutKast. (That whole pol column from the WP is excellent, btw; the stuff about Gore's secret nickname is quite perfect and hilarious.)

And there was an excellent NYT piece yesterday on movies that aren't on DVD and why they aren't, and why some of them probably won't be for a very long time--if ever. This is why my VCR will not be leaving the building anytime soon. There are a ton of classic movies that I've yet to see or like to rewatch that just won't make it. I did not know about the project to do a better director's cut for BLADE RUNNNER; completely missed that, but it seems I'd have been better off not knowing since it will probably never happen because someone is being an asshole. So many good things are stopped because someone is being an asshole.

Hmmm... Maybe we should ban assholes? Or at least regulate their behavior?

I was a good little moviegoer yesterday, voting with my dollar for the older woman as the romantic lead--I went to see "Something's Gotta Give." I liked it, mostly, though I find Jack Nicholson uncharming, obnoxious and awful. ABOUT SCHMIDT is the only movie I can honestly say I've ever liked him in. And here, well, let's just say it strains my credulity when I'm supposed to see Nicholson as sexy, especially when he's scenery chewing with his bare ass. And

(SPOILER, but only if you are REALLY naive about the plots of rom-coms)

this movie would have been better if his character found, when he finally had a revelation that he was in love with a woman his own age, that she had moved on with the younger man. It would have had more bite. Instead, a lifetime of bad behavior vanishes in an instant with the intimation that he's "changed." Puleeze. Give me a doting Keanu Reeves (as a half-convincing doctor) any day of the week.

By the looks of this movie, being a famous playwright is where it's at. You get a fabulous house in the Hamptons. I wanna be a famous playwright. But only in the movies.

That is all. Have a good Monday.

earworm: Christopher's rendition of "Christmas, Christmas, Christmas" (in which only those words are used

random rec: (for your dogs) Peanut Butter and Molasses flavored Blue Dog Bakery low-fat treats

namecheck: Landon "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" Bond

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