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Still pretty tired, so this will be another short one. RETURN OF THE KING was awesome, as anticipated. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I do think it deserves to win Best Picture. I found myself marveling many times at how big the scope of what they set out to do was with these movies and, quibble if you must and there's no such thing as perfect, they did it. They did it. These movies are grand spectacles with great themes up there with the ones that had intermissions in the middle and more magic than those, for me anyway.

And yes, despite this joy and reverence I still make smart-ass comments periodically when something just strikes me as funny in the movies (not intentionally) -- but it's never mocking. It's not because it doesn't work. A lesser film I'd fall out of, the first time something brought a stray thought to mind.

Anyway, perhaps spoilery talk about liked and didn't like later -- if you're interested in that sort of thing, I suggest heading over to the Wordplay movie board, where a discussion's already underway about a third of the way down the page. They started with an easy topic -- whether the movie glorifies war and if that's okay. I love Wordplay. There's also a dead interesting thread on the Scripts Board about the nature of faith and why it's the theme of so many movies. (That link goes to the first post in a hella long thread.)

(For those who don't know, Wordplay is a great screenwriting discussion site -- which also features some of the best free-for-all discussions on writing period and on philosophy and art and life -- run out of generosity by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, most recently the writers of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.)

Speaking of scripts, I FINALLY got back to work on the one I should have done by now. I've written about 8 pages this week; I'll be happy if I can get through the first act by next week. This is the script I inadvertently pitched and now have to write so the person can read it. I really like the story and the winter weather's working well with the mood of it. (It's another supernatural thriller.)

It's nice to be writing again and nice to be screenwriting again (with relief, she said).

Been reading NEVER MIND THE POLLACKS by Neal Pollack and finding it a breezy, tickling read so far. More when I finish.

And yay! The wish list works. Thank you kind benefactor! I promise I'm being good and not opening till Christmas. Night. I must go stir my brain.

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random rec: light ricotta cheese with cocoa mixed in

namecheck: Justine "I Still Can't Read Your Website But I Heart You Anyway" Larbalestier

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