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black-eyed peas and stuff I forgot
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Christopher's cooking up black-eyed peas with a bunch of fresh veggies for our not-quite-but-better New Year's. Smells delish.

EMMA WHO SAVED MY LIFE was more brilliant than I even thought when I said it was brilliant. Go read it. I have SHOW WORLD now, from the library today.

Also, THE MAN FROM ELYSIAN FIELDS is eh-okay, but definitely you should rent it because, because, because -- well, the plot is that this writer (who writes horrible books from the sound of things, which makes it more charming) played by Andy Garcia has to take a job at an exclusive male escort service to provide for his wife (Juliana Margulies of the Beautiful Eyebrows) and kid AND the owner, and sometime escort himself, is none other than MICK JAGGER. This is a visual bit of jokey typecasting that just keeps on giving. (Sadly, one of the leads of THE JOY LUCK CLUB, all of whom were briliant actresses has a two line bit at the beginning, which made me sad.) But, it's all right.

RAISING VICTOR VARGAS put me to sleep, but I was hungover.

And THE RUSSIAN ARK is fascinating, and it's also a science fiction movie, which no one ever talked about in the reviews. Anyway, worth seeing, very odd and stylish and beautiful and full of dialogue that makes you laugh unexpectedly. (Not belly laughs, just little ones.)

That really is all, except, one other book I picked up at the library others might be interesting in seeking out. It's called THE POETS' GRIMM: 20th CENTURY POEMS FROM GRIM FAIRY TALES, edited by Jeanne Marie Beaumont & Claudia Carlson, and is as it sounds a collection of many poems inspired by or retelling Grimm fairy tales. An eclectic mixture of poets and it looks exceedingly interesting.

earworm: "A Damn Good Disguise," The Mendoza Line

random rec: something up there

namecheck: Christopher "Black-Eyed Pea Boy"

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