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Well, that was a good day.

Except I was reminded of something I saw somewhere in passing a few days ago and dismissed as a bad dream but turns out to be true:

Anita Mui dead at 40, which is a terrible shame to say the least. THE HEROIC TRIO has and always will be one of my very favorite movies, but I also loved her pop music and she was excellent in almost every movie she ever appeared in. Sad, sad, sad.

Anyway, except for that, a lovely end of the unofficial New Year's Day replacement extravaganza. Christopher made wheat bread from scratch (yum), which is no easy task, and we crossed off the rest of our items: gym, walking George, etc. I did some research for a story for a couple of hours and then we had dinner. Now, things are winding down. I'll go watch NOVA and the Mars Rover special, then Sex and the City if I make it that long while Christopher reads graphic novels from the library.

George is exhausted in the way that makes him happy. If only every day was just like this one.
Eventually, I guess we'd wish for a change.

Too lazy to do earworm, namecheck and rec tonight. G'night.

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