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repetition... say again?
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You've probably seen this elsewhere but there is an absolutely fantastic Richard Butner story up on SciFiction right this second. What a treat.

Go read, then send Richard fan letters and roses and your toothbrush water in bottles and sand from your favorite beach.

Other than that, I've suddenly realized that I have to actually get moving on my multiple writing projects, the first of which is a story that must be finished, as they say, ASAP. And that we'll be seeing Andy and Sydney Duncan and David B. Coe this weekend, which makes me very, very happy. And that in less than a month we'll be safely ensconced in Mexico seeing Justine and Scott.

These are happy thoughts all.

You go read Richard's story and have some too.

(p.s. Also, music critics may be more compulsive and insane than SF writers -- you decide. Whatever the verdict, Michaelangelo cracks me up, especially when he's being mean.)

earworm: The "Life is so short it's like lightning" song off the Trailer Bride CD named after the Emily Dickinson poem

rec: "House of the Future," Richard Butner (as they say...duh!)

namecheck: Ellen "Sage Editor" Datlow

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