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Truly mind-boggling what happens when you write a lot of email -- you get a lot of email back. A full inbox is a girl's best friend. Seriously, I forget how nice it is to hear from people and find out just how out of the loop I am about what's going on in their lives.

I was home from work with a terrible headache today, triggered by who knows what. I did end up cleaning the house, sending out rejection letters and typing a bit into the new story I'm working on. Also, those sorts of things you do when you need to feel busier -- my hands were killing me when I woke up this morning, too much typing, and so I tried to rest them as much as I could from repetitive motion (Note: This is a great writing avoidance tactic and I have copyrighted it) -- making grocery lists and menus for a teeny dinner we're having on Friday night, returning library books and picking up new ones, yada. And good, non-greasy, low MSG Chinese take-out for dinner. Yum.

All in all not a bad day, and so you get this sort of boring rambling. George says SNORE.

Off to read and perhaps watch Angel.

earworm: "Hard Drive," Evan Dando (again)


namecheck: Justine "Go on With Your Bad Self" Larbalestier

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