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Miss Adams says:

"Merely a Bush hater"?

I hate that over one million, five hundred thousand Americans declared bankruptcy last year. I hate that its being suggested shipping American jobs overseas will help. I hate that a budget that was in recovery when that man took office has since been stripped. I hate that social security is now a myth. I hate that Roe vs. Wade is under attack AGAIN. I hate that children are going without health care because their parents are out of work and cannot insure them and health programs across the nation that might help them have and are still being cut. I hate that funding is being yanked from clinics that counsel women about birth control. I hate that the educational system is failing. I hate that a war is being waged that should be about protecting U.S. citizens but instead is about Kissinger policies from the sixties based on "the domino effect," something I thought was no longer even considered a viable theory let alone a stance for international war. I hate that the U.N. doesn't even consider the United States a friendly or human rights nation anymore. I hate that the largest tragedy in U.S. history has been used as a political platform to further an agenda for a man that has, in under four years, alienated the entire world and set it against my country. I hate that bills are again on the table that suggest drilling and clear cutting in Alaska are viable economically, let alone acceptable ecologically. And I hate a "president" who before the votes were tallied attempted to take over presidential offices by force.

Is that specific enough?


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