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Oh, the three nights of not sleeping very well and extremely long week have me done for. Tonight, we went and picked up about three or four months worth of comic books that have been sitting in our folder at the comic shop, so if you need Mr. Rowe, better luck next week. I will catch up on the few paltry titles I halfway keep up with a bit more leisurely, I imagine.

It's amazing how soothing comic books can be though. I find them ranked very high in my comfort reading category, right there with I CAPTURE THE CASTLE, BONES OF THE MOON and SISTER NOON. And it doesn't even really have to be a particular comic or a particularly good one, just diverting. Though BOX OFFICE POISON I would also put officially on the comfort reading list.

See what happens when I'm tired? Rambling.

A few scant links today...

I know you're all sick of Mel as I am. (Oh, I am, and oh, I hope you are.) Diverting discussions going on everywhere about this madness de film but all of them pretty much the same.

Anyway, over at Wordplay, a couple of things you've probably seen elsewhere but just in case:

Coinciding with the release of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" today, a Denver church unveiled a message on its marquee that reinforces some Jewish groups' worst fears about the controversial film.

"Jews Killed The Lord Jesus" - "I Thess. 2:14, 15" - "Settled!" says the sign in front of Lovingway United Pentecostal Church, reports Denver's ABC television affiliate KMGH.

There is a picture. But don't you guys worry, this movie's about love not hate, right? I heard that's what Mel says, right?

And also, merchandising angle, including genuine nail neclaces that come in just under 2 inches or the deluxe 2 and a half inch nail models. So many jokes to make here, so unable to make them. Gah.

And in more cheery fun, Paul DiFillipo has some good clean fun at Margaret Atwood and Jonathan Lethem's expense (sort of) over at Locus Online:

Lethem reached across the table and took Atwood's hand. She blushed becomingly and looked down at her sensibly shod feet.

"Margaret and I are engaged. And we've already begun our first

Looking up proudly, Atwood said, "Yes, it's to be called Motherless Handmaidens, and concerns a future where AIDS orphans form a new servant class for the rich."

"No aliens, no spaceships."

"That's our guarantee."

That's George's guarantee too, oddly enough. Night all.

earworm: "Backwards Guitar," Catherine Wheel (yes, still)

rec: Deep Sleeper (Oni Press) by Hester and Huddleston

namecheck: Kevin "The Comic Book Store Guy Who Kept All That Junk For Four Freaking Months"

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