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more Box Office Poison (BOP!)
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We picked up the equivalent of the Box Office Poison DVD Extras on Saturday -- BOP! (More Box Office Poison). It's a slender book collecting several stories which take place inside the storyline of the larger Box Office Poison story (that's the official website with samples if you're unfamiliar). If you loved Box Office Poison (and if you didn't, you probably haven't read it), then you'll definitely want to pick up BOP!.

The thing I love most about Box Office Poison is how it's the smartest, best sitcom ever -- or it would be if it were a sitcom. It's like Friends for people who think, and have had shitty jobs, and aren't perfect, and can quote Dorothy Parker but still crack up over tiny pop culture jokes. In short, it is WONDERFUL, and probably my favorite comic book ever. Or close.

And Karen, I really am going to answer your question really soon.

worm: "Temper, Temper," Tuscadero

today's fave post: "She Knew She Was Right" by Terry at About Last Night

namecheck: Karen "Really, I will answer you soon" Meisner

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